Tuesday, 20 November 2012

2 Simple and Easy Steps to Choose the Right Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring
Love is the integral part of everyone’s life. Everybody falls on love in their life and finally they decide to propose their beloved one with a surprising gift. Are you in love and waiting for the best gift to propose your love? There is no other better alternative than gifting sparkling and glittering engagement rings to express your love. But finding the right ring for men’s are little tedious because men tend to prefer rugged and masculine designs. Here I have suggested few simple and easy steps to find the best fit ring. Have a look at that,
Thinking how to select the metal for your ring? Nowadays, you might find ample collections of rings with different metals. Few are as follows,
  • Gold: If you decided to buy a gold ring, then you can go for pure 22 carat gold which contains 58% of pure gold, note that higher the gold content gives deeper color for your gold ring.
  • White gold: It is the combination of gold and two other white metals (like nickel, palladium and magnesium). This white metal resembles like a platinum ring but it is very affordable. You can go ahead with this white ring because it is considered as masculine design for men.
  • Platinum: We all know that platinum is little bit expensive when compared to other rings and also it is most commonly used as engagement ring as well as wedding rings. Nowadays, you may find platinum ring embedded with small white diamond stone. This diamond ring expresses your love to your beloved one.
Once you decided the metal then you need to consider about the design. You can go with studded design, simple band, pave, engraved, hammered, or knotty design.

Follow these steps and get a beautiful and adorable diamond ring for your girl.

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