Sunday, 18 November 2012

How Synthetic Diamonds Differ From Natural Diamonds?

diamond ring
Planning to gift a diamond ring to your girl? But don’t know how to get pure diamond ring. Many goldsmiths cheat people by placing synthetic diamond in the setting. You must know how to identify the real diamond. Let us have a look on how synthetic diamonds differ from natural diamonds:

First and foremost, it is identified that the size of the synthetic diamonds are entirely different from natural diamonds. Most of the diamond cutting experts strive hard to give a particular shape and size. It is identified that only the shape and size could be changed in these diamonds but not the color zoning or graining.

Synthetic diamonds are yellow or greenish yellow in color while the other appears yellowish under UV shortwave and blue tint under UV long wave. You can also find whether the diamonds are real or synthetic by using magnet. For instance, place both natural and synthetic diamond in a place and move a magnet towards it. You can find that the synthetic diamond moves closer to the magnet while the other doesn’t.

Both synthetic as well as natural diamonds differ in absorption of light. This could be found out by using a DiamondSure instrument which has the capability to differentiate both diamonds based on their light absorption capacity. It is noted that synthetic diamonds alone can appear in glass shape due to its color zoning.

Be aware of the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds. Purchase a best diamond ring for your bride and have a happy life.

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