Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Top 4 Sparkling Diamond Ring Designs

Diamond Ring
Do you know what is liked by girls? Well it’s pretty surprising. Diamond jewels are considered as their best friends even in this modern era. Offering diamond rings are the better option to propose your love to your beloved one. You can shop for diamond rings on the special occasions like your marriage, or engagement. No matter whatever your reason is for buying the ring, but you have to choose the best ring which is right for you. Let us see few designs of diamond ring:
  • Pave diamond ring: This pave design elevates the elegance and personality of the wearer. These pave rings are designed with one large diamond as the center piece surrounded by another band of small diamonds. For this platinum or silver bands are used. These rings are little bit expensive but they are loved by all girls.
  • Bezel set rings: This ring has the effect of setting off the color of gold, silver, and platinum. In which oval and circular shaped diamonds are used and surrounded by precious metal in a tight frame. A bezel set of ring gives modern spin to the wearer.
  • Engraved rings: An engraved ring allows you to engrave your beloved one name in the ring. You can choose your motto or message and have it engraved inside or outside the band.
  • Channel set rings: These designed rings are used in wedding, anniversaries as well as in engagement. This ring gives an elegant and stunning look, which might greatly liked by your girl.
These are the few designs of diamond ring based on the latest trends. Choose the best ring for your girl and express your love to your beloved one.

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