Friday, 23 November 2012

Superstitious Beliefs Of Diamonds

Diamond Ring
Diamonds, which are known for their elegance and hardness has many superstitious beliefs, let’s have a look on it:
  • Diamonds were said to be a victory gemstone that gives courage and fortitude. If a warrior wears a diamond ring during battle, he will sure get victory.
  • Wearing diamond ring brings good fortune. It also makes you invincible.
  • In olden days, it was believed that when a diamond is sold to another person it will lose its beneficial properties. But nowadays every jewel shop sell diamond rings, bangles, necklaces and lots more.
  • It is a symbol of dignity and wealth. Diamonds are used to detect honesty, when its shine decreases it means someone is lying and when truth is spoken it shines brighter.
  • Due to its color, brilliance and its hardness, it was said to be the natural enemy of devil.
  • It is also an antidote to poison. In the middle ages, diamonds were believed to change its color in the presence of poison.
  • It promotes constancy in a marriage. It allows the couples to reconcile to one another.
  • It protects you from plague, bladder infection, jaundice, leprosy and many other health problems.
  • Blue diamond was considered to be dangerous. They spoil the relationship of couples. That is why most brides avoid blue diamond ring during their marriage.
These are just a few beliefs of diamond. There are number of historical as well as magical superstitious beliefs of a diamond. Hence, now onwards whenever you wear a diamond ring remember its beliefs and enjoy its benefits.

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